November 17, 2015

Balancing Pool to Pay $205 Million to Electricity Consumers

The Balancing Pool announces that the allocation to power consumers in 2016 will be at $3.25/MWh of consumption. The upcoming year’s allocation will result in approximately $205 million being paid to Alberta’s electricity consumers. “We have decided to reduce the allocation from previous levels to accommodate the low power price environment that is expected to prevail over the coming year” stated Bruce Roberts, President and CEO.

During the ten year period since the initiation of the annual consumer allocation in 2006, the Balancing Pool has paid out $2.3 billion in allocations to Alberta’s electricity consumers.

Under provisions of the Electric Utilities Act, each year the Balancing Pool is required to forecast its revenues and expenses and to determine whether any excess (or shortfall) funds will be allocated to electricity consumers.

For further information:
Bruce Roberts
President and CEO