Generating Value for Alberta’s Consumers

The Balancing Pool was established in 1999 by the Government of Alberta to help manage the transition to competition in Alberta’s electric industry. Our current obligations and responsibilities are governed by the Electric Utilities Act (effective June 1, 2003) and the Balancing Pool Regulation.

Our legislated duties include:

  • To manage generation assets in a commercial manner, specifically any Power Purchase Arrangements (PPAs) held by the Balancing Pool that include the right to exchange electric energy and ancillary services, and any arrangements or agreements derived from these assets;
  • To hold the Hydro PPA and manage associated payments;
  • To forecast revenues and expenses (incorporating estimates of Pool price and potential expenses related to risk backstop activities) and allocate the forecast surplus or deficiency  to consumers through a Consumer Allocation or charge;
  • To participate in appropriate regulatory, dispute resolution and other proceedings and processes to protect the interests of the Balancing Pool and the value of its assets; and
  • To manage risks prudently in all aspects of its operations.